The Mental Health Foundation Mission…

…is to provide support, protection, and information about Mental Health. Good mental health for all is what they stand for, and they have been the driving force/front runners in creating a positive change for over 70 years. MHF are a strong charity who aren’t afraid to stir things up and tackle taboo topics to help others.


How can you look after your mental health?

Here are just some of the many great tips from the Mental Health Foundation.

Keep in touch

Talk about your feelings

Take a break

Keep active

Do something you’re good at

Care for others


We aim to show ongoing support to the Zizzi family (customers & team) by working side by side with MHF to raise a huge £1 million over the next three years. We know that Mental Health can impact everyone in some way or another, and we want good Mental Health for all.


How to Get Involved…