January 21, 2011

A Stroll Down Marina Memory Lane

Cat Sims CV is impressive. Very impressive. Notable achievements in her short life have included work for Amelia’s Magazine, electro musician Tom diSapia and t-shirt designs for high street giant Topshop. Previously unleashing her talent on Zizzi Beaconsfield, Cat was asked back to conjure up ideas for the stunning location on Brighton’s historic Marina. And it’s exactly that history that got Cat intrigued.

The restaurants new design pays homage to local institution, the Black Rock Lido, demolished in 1978 due to the Marina’s development. This was a prominent feature on the Marina and Cat has used art deco influences to recreate its beauty and add a sense of nostalgia to the Marina boardwalk.

Renowned for their fantastic tailored customer service, you could say Gavin, Christelle and the restaurant team are local legends. And on Sunday 23rd January, they’re proudly opening Zizzi, Brighton Marina’s doors and welcoming the public back in to their newer, fresher, more nostalgic Brighton Marina, Zizzi.

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