January 25, 2012

31 Reasons To Love January – #25


Where would we be without Olive Oil ay? Part of Zizzi’s, and any true Italian’s DNA. Think of all those tasteless, burnt or dry meals you’ve cooked in your lifetime. Olive Oil to the rescue.

Whether it’s the base of a wonderful dressing, the base of your frying pan or just the final flourish alla every TV celebrity chef (to be fair, everything does look better with an olive oil gloss), we know that Miss Olive Oil is as reliable as they come.

The stuff we use in Zizzi is special in its own little way. Sourced fromPuglia, the region on the ‘heel of the boot’ ofItalyand pretty much the birthplace of the olive, we stumbled across a couple of Brits who had taken the plunge and moved out there six years ago to open an olive farm (that’s the lovely Oliver and Joanne in the photo). Impressive enough a feat in itself, it was the expertise and diligence that made us think ‘yes… we want to work with you.’ And that’s where we are today…

So a bit more about the stuff….Contrary to popular belief that using more than one iota of oil is bad for you, hit up BBC News online for current scientific support. If that doesn’t sway you then book a flight, pack your bags and go toItaly and look at those ancient but healthy, wizened old Mediterranean folk. They must be doing something right.

So the reliable and beautiful Miss Olive Oil: reason number 25 to love January.

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