June 1, 2012

God Save Queen

It’s a great time to be British – the sun is shining more often, we’re hosting the Olympics (whoop whoop) and now we’ve got Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee this weekend. Besides the hugely historical importance as only the second Queen to reach her Diamond Jubilee (the first being Queen Victoria in 1897) – a lot of us will get a four day weekend and that’s definitely worth celebrating.

This Jubilee is a chance to celebrate everything British; from our traditions to our history, and from our customs to our eccentricities. We may no longer have the British Empire we once had but one thing that continuously breaks down borders and puts us above all others is our music. Of course, it’s debateable who the best was – it’s hard to deny that artists like The Beatles, The Clash, The Kinks and Oasis put us on the map.

But there’s one group that stands out the most to us, it’s hard to listen to their music and not get up and stomp your feet or clap your hands. Queen. It seemed like every song they released reached the top of the charts in at least 5 different countries.

So, with all due respect to Her Majesty, we’re going to use this opportunity to honour the other great Queen and its members.

Come in at any time on Monday and Tuesday with a little Freddie flair, you can find a moustache template on our Facebook page or just draw one on, and we’ll give you a glass of bubby with your meal for free.

If you up the ante and come dressed as any member of Queen then you’ll get your main course on us. The best dressed Queen will have their photo posted on our Facebook wall and will win a £50 Zizzi Gift Card.

It’s our way of sharing our love of Queen with you and a way to celebrate the Jubilee without the bunting.

The UK is the original “red, white, and blue” and Queen are the original rock stars. So Freddie, Brian, Roger and John…we salute you…and God Save Queen.

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