May 22, 2012

Happy Vegetarian Week!

From Monday the 21st of May to Sunday the 27th, vegetarians across the UK will be celebrating everything veggie. Do you know a vegetarian? Reach over and give them a hug. Go on, we’ll wait…

That was nice… Now back to business; times are a’changing – a meat-free lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Personally, we would find it a little hard to give up the meat and cheeses our Executive Chef, Angelo, keeps bringing in for us to sample, but we certainly admire those who have. 

We’ve been working very hard to make more Zizzi dishes suitable for vegetarians because it’s not about offering just a standard vegetarian option; it’s about offering a delicious, meat-free dish that even a non-veggie would order. In the words of that ominous ghost voice from Field of Dreams – “If you cook it…they will come” (loosely based on the actual script).

We’ve recently upgraded our cheeses so they’re suitable for a wider audience. That means our fresh Ricotta, Mozzarella, Goats Cheese, Mascarpone and our newest Riserva (it’s an Italian hard cheese, kind of like Parmigian…except not, because it’s vegetarian) are all suitable for our veggie friends. In fact, since the new menu launched we now have over 40 dishes that are already vegetarian or can be made vegetarian just by making a simple substitution.  

Angelo’s also brought back an old favourite for our current menu; our Polpette Spinaci, spinach, peppers, mozzarella, red onion, ricotta and breadcrumbs rolled in to ball form, cooked and place upon a bed of linguine with thin strips of courgette. 100% veggie friendly and 100% delicious.

And to make life a little easier, our Funghi Risotto is now vegetarian by default – but don’t worry meat eaters, you can still add the chicken in (just in case you have a meat eater at the table).  

We’re always looking for ways to improve and update our dishes, so if you have any ideas for a vegetarian dish you’d love to see on our menu then leave a comment or let us know at

And to get more information on Vegetarian Week, check out the following link:

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