June 11, 2013

Dad Type #5

Who: The Daring Dad

How to spot him: Exotic cuisine doesn’t scare him. Snails? Had it. Frogs legs? Child’s play. The more unpronounceable and foreign the dish, the more eager he is to try it.     

What to feed him: It’s got to be the spiciest dish on our menu; Linguine Arrabiata n’Duja.

The n’Duja sausage is what gives this dish that fiery kick. Sourced from a small village in Italy, our Executive Chef, Angelo, discovered it on one of his trips home and was determined to incorporate it in to at least one of our dishes. It now features on 3 of our dishes and has become a fan favourite.

There’s a lot of heat in this dish and just in case Dad overestimated his ability to handle spice, it comes with a large dollop of mascarpone to sooth his tastebuds.

Take a look at our other Dad approved dishes www.zizzi.co.uk/food and book your table for Father’s Day here.

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