October 23, 2013

Fonduta al Formaggi


Cheese makes you happy.


We could blind you with science but if you’ve ever eaten a hot, gooey cheese fondue, then there’s no explanation necessary.


Our brand spanking new starter, Fonduta al Formaggi, is a melting pot of gorgonzola, gruyere and pecorino cheese with our famous baked dough sticks and focaccia strips for dipping. Of course, if you feel the urge to ditch the bread and use a spoon for optimal scooping that’s okay too.


So if you’re looking for a reason to brave the windy weather this season, look no further.


Grab your mates and take the Beatles’ advice: “Come to cheddar right now, over brie”. To book your table visit www.zizzi.co.uk/bookings


Or to see what other new dishes we have this season visit www.zizzi.co.uk/food


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