February 18, 2019

Zizzi Winners 2019

Think you’re a winner? Check out the below list to see who’s won!

#ZizziBambini January
Ross H.
Simon J.
Neil S.

Vicky N.
Hayden R.
Katie T.
Peter S.
Ben F.

Charlotte C.
Bethany H.

#ZizziBambini February
Ashleigh L.
Graham T.
Louise A.D.

Thomas J.

Sarah A.
Jo G.

#ZizziBambini March
Emily P.
Nicola A.
Antonia K.

#ZizziBambini April
Emily S.
Ben O.
Miriam M.

#ZizziBambini May
Martin N.
Tim L.
Richard M.

Lauren M.
Coral S.

#ZizziBambini June
Jenny H.
Vicki P.
Samantha H.

#ZizziBambini July
Kristin R.
Louise W.
Duncan M.

Lauren G.
Greg W.
Kimberly C.
Nicole W.
Andrea B.
Luke C.
Helen W.
Gemma M.
Lee C.
Helen W.

#ZizziBambini August
Stacie G.
Louise P.
Lee O.


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