Good Food Guide 2016

Here at Zizzi, we only work with suppliers that share our passion for great food & we ensure our food meets the highest safety and quality standards – from the farm to the fork. Some of them have been with us since the get-go, back in 1999 and we value these relationships. But we also love to work with new producers that have found some amazing new products and nothing excites us more than putting these on the plates of our customers.

The Food Made Good Sustainability Rating covers 14 key-areas that consider society, sourcing and environmental practices. It’s given us the opportunity to celebrate the great things we’re doing and shed light on areas where we could improve.

Sustainability is a journey and sustainability policies can be a big challenge for a business like ours. The hard work continues & we are dedicated to improving & reaching our next milestone of two stars. Here’s some of the things we are proud of so far.

Sustainability 1 - Girls eating outside
Sustainability 2 - Chef cooking outside
Sustainability 3 - Food ready to be served


Where possible, all our suppliers are audited against the British retail consortium standard for food which is a global organisation.

Pizza sauce

Our pizza sauce is made by brothers Giorgio and Gilberto Greci in Emilia Romagna whose family has been canning tomatoes since the beginning of the 1900s.Every August we visit to celebrate harvest time and to see how the ripest, reddest tomatoes are picked, peeled, chopped and canned to make our perfect passata di pomodoro.

Bufala mozzarella

Our Bufala mozzarella comes from Naples & is made by Domenico Buonanno, third generation of the Buonanno family that has been producing Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP since 1965.


All whole tomatoes in our business are now purchased from The Tomato Stall who grow award-winning tomatoes using sustainable farming methods. All their fruit is vine ripened & picked by hand to ensure it reaches its maximum flavour potential, which gives the varying-coloured tomatoes that true tomato taste.


We purchase Fair trade coffee & hot chocolate


Our extra virgin olive oil is made by a small family cooperation in Puglia on the Adriatic coast, they have been working the land for generations, hand picking the best olives from each harvest


Our Pasta suppliers Mill and Pasta Factory are located in the Baronìa, at the foothills of the Appennini Mountains. In Baronìa, wheat has been a vital resource for centuries, on which is based the rural food tradition, handed down from generation to generation which ensures the quality and purity to our semolina, which makes the Pasta so unique and so different.


Our gelato is made by DiSotto, one of the longest established manufacturers of Authentic Italian Gelato, made with the finest quality ingredients to traditional family recipes. Created by Luigi Disotto in the early 1900’s in Le Marche Central Italy. The product was introduced to the UK in 1962 by his nephews Domenico and Vincenzo. The family owned business has continued to grow in the UK and today continues to be made with the same passion and enthusiasm as when it was first created.


  • Our used cooking oil is collected, recycled & processed into biodiesel.The carbon saving every month is equivalent to taking 65 cars off the road.
  • 81% of all the waste the restaurants produce is segregated into separate bins and sent to recycling plants. This equates to a carbon saving that equates to boiling a kettle non-stop for 10 years. Across the Zizzi estate in the last year, 920 tonnes of food waste were segregated on site and sent to anaerobic digestion rather than landfill. That’s a weight equivalent to 3 Boeing 747s, and a lot of pizza crusts!
  • We have installed 111 Gas smart meters and 137 Electricity smart meters in our restaurants.
  • We work with suppliers on efficient delivery systems to reduce associated carbon footprint & negative impacts associated with each restaurant receiving regular deliveries.


  • We invest heavily in training programmes and development opportunities for restaurant team members at all levels. We also offer a subsided food menu, team discounts & a wide range of staff incentives.
  • We are raising £1 million for Cancer Research UK
  • We have full allergen information & nutritional values for all our dishes both in restaurants & available online so that our customers can make informed decisions.
  • We appreciate our customers are individuals & therefore try to give us much menu diversity as we can;
    • Clearly sign posting on our menus the main courses that are under 600 calories with a under 600 calories icon.
    • We have created specific menu options & provide a separate menu for our Non gluten & Non dairy customers
    • We are Registered Trademark holders of the Vegan Society & provide our Vegan customers with a bespoke menu so they can clearly see their options.
  • Please view our Modern Slavery statement here.